Pavlova&Partners law firm’s attorneys are highly experienced in representing clients’ interests on settlement of family issues, family arrangement, acknowledgement/annulment of parental rights.

Strict confidentiality on all issues is always provided for our clients being served within our practice in family legislation.

Our services include:

  • evaluation of prospects for family litigations and support of their settlement, both in judicial and extrajudicial order;
  • drafting up and representation of interests for contracting a marriage;
  • support on the procedure of judicial avoidance of deals concluded by one of the spouses;
  • representation of client’s interests concerning legal issues related to free marriage (family arrangement, parental rights);
  • representation of interests concerning dissolution of the marriage (the divorce) and family arrangement;
  • definition of residence for underaged child (children), order of his/her communication with separately living parent, order of parenting and maintenance of a child;
  • annulment;
  • acknowledgement/contestation of paternity.

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