"Pavlova and partners" is included in the five law firms leading the largest litigation

Market research of law firms specializing in the field of judicial practice has been carried out by portal Law.ru

Pavlova & partners Law office is named among the leaders of law firms specializing in the field of judicial practice. 

"Pavlova and partners" is included in the list of five law firms in the category of a large claims’’ amount of the cases leading by the firm.

The number one in the list of companies is the company Yukov and partners the total claims amount of which turned out to be the largest. It is followed by a margin by EPAM and Muranov, Chernyakov and partners – all three companies included in the top have the amount exceeds 100 billion rubles. Further, with an indicator of 97 259 million rules - is the company Pavlova and partners, then - Kovalev, Tugushi and partners (64 606 million rubles.)

Also there are companies which are pointed out in the category of the average amount of the claims. The list of the leaders has not been changed too much, but the positions have somewhat. The leader of the highest average amount of the claim is "Muranov, Chernyakov and partners" (4849 million rubles), in second place – "Pavlova and partners" (2948 million rubles), followed by EPAM (1931 million rubles), "Rustam Kurmaev and partners" (1787 million rubles, the sixth place in the category of total amount of claims) and "Yukov and partners" (1490 million rubles).

Research of the Russian market of litigators has been carried out by the portal Law.Roo for the third time.

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Судебная практика бюро также отмечалась в исследовании Право.ру в 2018г.

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