Accreditation in VEB.RF

Law Office "Pavlova & Partners" is an accredited provider of legal services for legal entities of the State Development Corporation "VEB.RF". The Bureau is accredited in the direction of "Restructuring, Bankruptcy and Legal Representation under Russian Law".

The results of the qualification were approved by the Board of VEB.RF on 03.06.2019 and approved by the order of the Senior Vice President of the Legal Block I.S. Krasnova dated June 25, 2019 No. R-444.

Fumagalli, Grando & Partners law office (Italy)

The cooperation of Pavlova & Partners law firm with Fumagalli, Grando & Partners (Milan, Italy) allows Russian companies and citizens to protect their rights and provide a comprehensive legal support of their business in Italy.

For convenience of Russian clients requested legal advice in Fumagalli, Grando & Partners law office there is an opportunity to receive services with the assistance of a Russian-speaking lawyer.

Novy Registrator JSC
Novy Registrator JSC is a larger registrar, which has been carrying on business since 2003. Novy Registrator JSC together with its subsidiary Combined Registry Company JSC (keeps registers of such companies as PC Rostelecom, PC Magnit and others) occupies a vast geographic footprint in Russia. More than 3.3 mln share holders are served in 28 branches. The number of registers kept more than 6 thousand.
Register LLC

The special registrar Register LLC is one of the largest registrars keeping more than 1 mln accounts of share holders and having 24 branches in 22 regions of Russia.