Lawyers estimated the prospect of subsidiary liability for ex-owners of "Transaero».

The case was commented by partner Sergey Levichev,  who is representing the interests of the tour operator "Biblio Globus" in the bankruptcy of "Transaero".

VTB required to bring to a subsidiary liability Alexander and Olga Pleshakova and Tatiana Anodyne. The amount of the claims is to 249 billion rubles. Lawyers have called the lawsuit as the most outstanding in the history of Russian bankruptcies.

In the lawsuit, VTB charges the defendants with forging of the account and withdrawal of the assets from the company. According to the Bank, in 2014, 138 million rubles were illegally withdrawn from Transaero under the guise of payment of dividends, and in 2013-2014 under the guise of payment of bonuses the key management personnel – 284 million rubles.

The size of the subsidiary liability to which VTB wants to charge with Pleshakova and Anodyne is equivalent to the combined size of requirements of creditors of "Transaero".

The partner of AB Pavlova and partners Sergey Levichev thinks that, "if the fact of falsification of reports is confirmed, as well as the participation or awareness of Pleshakov and Anodina in these frauds the court will be able to satisfy the application of VTB." The lawyer also recalled that in the report of the temporary trustee Mikhail Kotov, the main reason for the bankruptcy of the company was just called the distortion of financial statements.

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We will remind, lawyers of AB "Pavlov & partners" represent the interests of the tour operator "Biblio Globus" in the case of bankruptcy of airline "Transaero". At this point in the register of creditors of the carrier includes about 2.5 billion rubles to the requirements of the travel company "Biblio Globus".

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