Galina Pavlova gave an interview for the magazine "Corporate lawyer"

G. Pavlova: "It is interesting that our family practice in our company began to develop because of a corporate practice."
I am not from the dynasty of lawyers. And I did not dream of being a lawyer as I was a child. I had ambitions to become a journalist or a TV host, a commentator. I was also very interested in history. And at first, I even tried to enter a history faculty, but I failed and only after that I went to study law the following year.

As a child, it seemed to me that I can express myself in creativity. I really liked to draw and I also studied music. And now I am very fond of classic and try to keep on my interest in it, to go to concerts. But I don't know whether I have enough capability to bring some good into this world by my oeuvre, to express the inner word, to attract an interest. The output of  the creativity is very difficult to feel. And to say about  law, I feel absolutely harmonic in it: I like it, it's interesting, and what is the most important, that I bring benefit. I am very happy that I has come to this profession.

I calculated how many people would pass the competition to enter the Institute. The information about the results of the exams was hung out on the stands on the street. Making calculations it was possible to understand: how many people had filed the documents, how many people had failed after the first and the second exams, how much would be received taking into account their scores. I counted whether I had a prospect of success after each exam. When I went to look at the lists of applicants, I was almost sure that I had entered. So, it turned out in fact.

I really liked civil law. I was fascinated by studying. I studied with ecstasy. Maybe the topics related to state and constitutional law were a bit boring. They were formal for a long time and did not find a response in life — so it seemed to me then. That's why such subjects seemed boring to me. Now I have a completely different opinion about it. 

And now I think that it is a very interesting time for the development of the constitutional law. I even advised young colleagues who were making their choice to pay attention to constitutional and international law. I think this is a very modern and interesting topic. The world is changing, our country has changed. Of course, this is not only a legal issue, but also a political one, which is developing very dynamically, and therefore, I think that in this sector a scientific research would be interesting.

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