Sergei Levichev, head of bankruptcy team, took part in “Bankruptcy Institute in Russia” conference

The conference was organized by “Vedomosti” business edition.

Sergei Levichev, head of bankruptcy practice, took part in annual “Bankruptcy Institute in Russia. Practice and techniques of carrying out bankruptcy procedures” conference held by “Vedomosti” edition.

During the conference there was talk about course of changes in the bankruptcy law; about improvement of mechanisms for making procedures more quick, simple and transparent; about methods of standing against abuse of rights.

An evolving practice of carrying out bankruptcy procedures in separate fields was discussed there, such as bankruptcy of banks, of tenant builders, of systemically important institutions.

There was also analyzed a first experience of individuals bankruptcy law enforcement. Separate sessions were articulated on the experience of carrying out of bankruptcy procedures of credit organizations, to bankruptcy procedures carrying out techniques, to issues of debtor’s transactions challenging during bankruptcy procedure.

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