Pavlova & Partners Law Firm Conducted Webinar on Cross-Border Issues of Spouses Property Division

The webinar took place on May 23 with the support of Zakon.ru portal.

Pavlova & Partners Law Firm jointly with the Ukrainian law firm Eterna Law and the Belarus office of Stepanovski, Papakul & Partners conducted a webinar on cross-border issues of spouses’ property division.

The webinar was held with the support of Zakon.ru portal. The moderator of the venue was Olga Puchkova, the expert on family law in Pepeliaev Group.

Galina Pavlova, Managing Partner and the Head of Family and Inheritance Law Pavlova & Partners Law Firm, discussed the law applicable to the division of property of spouses with cross-border element complication.

She also gave examples of dispute resolution practices on cross-border issues of spouses’ property division and offered several practical tips on how to avoid difficulties in the case of the division of property complicated by a cross-border element (e.g., by marriage contract stipulating the governing law).

Katerina Lysechko, the coordinator of family law practice in the Kiev office of the law firm Eterna Law, also talked about the law applicable in Ukraine for the purposes of disputes resolution and the applicable jurisdiction definition. Besides, the expert raised the issues of determining the composition of property subject to division and execution of judgments of foreign countries.

Tatyana Stankevich from Stepanovski, Papakul & Partners, in her turn, described the process of division of the property located in Republic of Belarus, as well as in Russia, Ukraine or another country party to the Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Cases (Minsk, 1993).

She also mentioned the specifics of the Belarusian legislation on the division of property located on the territory of other countries.

Additionally, the webinar's speakers exchanged information on the issues of property division between spouses standing at the junction of the legislations of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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