Kommersant Noted Managing Partner Galina Pavlova In “Litigation Lawyers Rating”

Galina Pavlova was noted in the area of “Corporate Disputes” and “Family and Inheritance Disputes”.

Galina Pavlova, Managing Partner of Pavlova&Partners law firm, was noted by the Russian business paper Kommersant in the “Individual Lawyers Rating On Key Dispute Types”.
Galina Pavlova was noted by the rating agency in the area of “Corporate Disputes” and “Family and Inheritance Disputes”.

Galina Pavlova has been a lawyer since 1994. Her total legal practice experience is more than 35 years.
The main activity areas: representation of clients’ interests in litigation on contractual, corporate and family law, enforcement proceedings, protection of rights to real property, etc.

One of her key areas of practice is counselling clients on family and inheritance law issues. The Pavlova & Partners’ family and inheritance law practice clientele includes the nation’s major entrepreneurs and famous personalities from the Forbes rating lists.

Lawyer Pavlova also provides assistance in legal representation and family and inheritance law issues within pro bono. Thus, since 2009, Galina Pavlova has been representing the interests of the granddaughter of the famous Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov in litigation on the ownership of the heritage building of federal significance “Melnikov House”.

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