Pro bono

Project support for settlement of a legal problem connected with the Ensemble of Zachatievsky Monastery erected in XVII – XIX centuries.

“Pavlova & Partners” law firm team successfully completed the project on legal support of Zachatievsky Monastery Ensemble reconstruction.

The project objective was resolution of the situation created due to inability to reconstruct and save the ancient convent miraculously spared in the very heart of Moscow known from the late sixteenth century as Zachatievsky convent.

Zachatievsky Monastery Ensemble erected in XVII – XIX centuries and located in Moscow, 2nd Zachatievsky Pereulok, Bld. 2 is referred to monuments of urban planning and architecture of federal (All-Russia) importance and can be solely federally owned. But despite the lack of legal reasons, the objects of Zachatievsky Monastery Ensemble had registered under the ownership of Moscow on the basis of the Moscow Government Decree, that was denounced by the effective arbitration award. Property right to some objects included into Zachatievsky Monastery Ensemble has been registered neither in favor of the Russian Federation nor Moscow.

The monastery required repairing and reconstructing that could not be performed without legal permissions issued by authorized bodies. Such permissions in their turn could not be granted without duly registered rights to the object under reconstruction.

Stauropegic Women’s Convent Zachatievsky Monastery could not solve this problem over the long term.


Pavlova & Partners law firm’s specialists carried out comprehensive legal analysis of the status, rights to the objects included into Zachatyevsky Monastery Ensemble and defined ways and mechanisms for the above legal uncertainty. Counselling involved participation in meetings with a number of governmental bodies in order to provide financing and obtain required permissions for restoration. This is a charitable project.